Survivor Benefit

The idea of life insurance is to protect your loved ones (survivors) who might partially, or totally rely on you for income and security. This allows you to feel safe knowing that even if you die, everyone will be ok financially. The account serves this idea quite well. The survivor benefit is usually quite generous and while it does work to protect your beneficiaries, it also serves another important function… it protects your retirement funds.

Since the foundation of an account IS a life insurance policy, it should be noted that if you had taken out loans against your policy funds, your death benefit will automatically be used to pay off your loans, and the balance remaining will be paid to your beneficiaries.

Since you can never remove more than you actually have in your account, you will never leave your family with debt.

Note: You need to be approved to obtain a account. We will be asking you questions about your health. If you are not in good health or you are considered uninsurable, don’t give up. We do have ways to establish an account for you by sharing the account with a healthy spouse or child.