The Ultimate Non-Savings Account

Saving money for the future is a very good idea. If you deposit that money in a place that:


Is safe, you cannot lose money


Grows over time with interest


Is liquid and allows you to add + money, and allows you to – withdraw, whenever you want.

Commercial Bank

Your local commercial bank checks all three boxes above. The problem is, the interest that banks pay is almost like getting no interest at all. It is very close to stuffing money into a mattress!

It is not the best way to maximize growth – over time.

Compare: $1000.00 deposited each year, for 25 years

Earnings in Passbook Savings Account

  • $315.15 in growth, over 25 years.
  • Not a very good investment strategy
  • Safe, Liquid…but certainly not profitable


Earnings in account

  • Grows to $120,038.38 in the same timeframe
  • Total balance is 5X HIGHER!
  • BONUS: Taxes on growth = ZERO

The average interest rate in accounts has averaged 10.41% over the last 10 years!

Risk vs NO Risk

In a typical 401K, or the stock market, you could have (for example) a balance of $100,000 and the stock market can drop because of some world event, and a day later you could only have $75,000.00 (a loss of $25k). It could take years to grow back to the original $100,000.

Nobody wants to LOSE money while trying to save for the future (remember the 2008 crash?)

No Loss Guaranteed / Interest Rate Lock

You don’t have to worry about losing money in your account because the account only “follows” stock market gains, but not the losses….so it has a zero bottom floor.

That means it cannot go below ZERO, ever.

PLUS, you have an opportunity to use our proprietary “Interest Rate Lock” which locks in a targeted interest rate for an entire year. For example: If you set your lock at 18% and your index hits that percentage it will AUTOMATICALLY lock in that rate for the rest of the crediting year. This can be repeated every year and protects against any zero interest crediting that may occur. No other insurance company in the world offers this feature.

Safe, Liquid…. AND profitable

Note: Rates do vary from year to year, but the average interest rate in accounts has averaged 10.41% over the last 10 years. A account is an insurance product and not a savings account. You have access to more than 90% of your deposited amount after the 3rd month. Illustrations above are used to demonstrate growth potential as compared to a savings account. You will see a full illustration of your own account prior to your account being activated.