Tax-Free Earnings for Life!

401K’s, 457b’s, IRA’s, Pensions, Annuities….are all very popular, but let’s face it… they all can grow money for you to use later in life, but there is a catch.

You spend your working career preparing for your retirement, hoping you’re going to have enough money to live on comfortably.

But you have a partner in those savings – Federal and State taxing authorities.

You need to think this through, because income taxes are NOT going down. You can count on that. All of your hard earned money will be reduced by 15%, 20%, 25%…possibly even more! And, if you own a house, the good news is – the balance will eventually get smaller. The bad news – eventually it will no longer help to shelter you from income taxes.

How about Zero Income Taxes?

When you remove money from you’re a Liquid IUL, you have no partner, the money is yours… All of it! No 1099’s or reporting income, ever. If you want to withdraw money from your account as a loan, you can – anytime. At any time after the first 3 months, you will have access to more than 90% your account funds.

PLUS – If you choose, later you can turn your accumulated balance into the Ultimate Non-Pension, Pension

This means your accumulated balance will pay you annual income, just like a pension, but this pension is tax-free, for your entire life – even if you live to be 120 years old. And, unlike a standard pension, you can leave the balance of your account to your beneficiary(s), tax-free.