The Magic of Liquidity

“Continuous Availability”

Giving someone access to their own money, seems magical since most high yield long term accumulation vehicles do not allow you any meaningful access to your own money until 59 ½ years old, or even later. But, it is not magic at all. It is simply giving you access to your own money. A liquid IUL account is 90% accessible after the third month. This means no penalties or surrender fees when you remove money from your account.

Not all IUL’s are created equal. Most do well over a long time but cash values and accumulated values do not show signs of positive cash flow, but usually not until after 10 years. The account is set up differently. The money you deposit, or contributions you make become almost immediately available after you begin making your premium payments. Access to your account, if you need it – How nice!

Emergencies, investment opportunities, whatever the reason….you have access!